My Dad, My Hero

I am not very close to my dad- in terms of sharing my secrets and my thoughts but I admire him none the less. He is first and foremost a self – made man. He wanted to study after his graduation but didn't because he was the elder brother and had his family and siblings to support.

Also, he is a very blunt and an honest man. I know sometimes it can be too much to deal with but I would rather be hurt by the truth than be happy with false praise.

He thought me those little but essential things in life like ironing my clothes, gutting a fish, importance of having a privileged life, standing up for myself , being different and being unapologetic about it.

Though we argue a lot with each other and sometimes not on the same page, he thinks the best for me and wants to be the best. In terms of my career, he has always encouraged me to do well in academics and be the best in whatever I do.

He has seen very bad days and thinks a hundred times before spending on something. He is essentially a simple person and the circumstances of his past still ring a bell in his heart.

I remember it was during the period of my 10th exams and I used to be up all night studying. Dad was the one who used to wake up in the middle of night and bring me a hot cup of tea!
There many thing I admire and love about him which make him my hero!

Also, there is a quote from this man (Don’t know his name) and he said that a woman is not successful because she is a woman, she is successful because she is well read, smart and intelligent. That line truly touched my heart.

This post is a part of my entry to the contest #MyRoleModel by Gillette and Blogadda

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