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Hi my name is Divya and Welcome to BeautyGrin Blog!!!

I started this blog just to share my knowledge and experience about everything beauty-related.
I love writing and enjoy blogging about beauty.

I also do a lot of detailed reviews of products that I use. I believe that before trying out any product, reading an honest review about it makes you capable of making smart choices about buying the product and whether or not it is useful for you. I make sure to use the product thoroughly before writing a review, so rest assured that I have tested it.

About my blog name. Well, I started with simplebeautyindia.blogspot.com which was just too damn long. I was curious to know what the big deal with having your own domain name was. So anyway, I thought of naming it just Simple Beauty. It was available for sale at 2 lakh rupees (lol) which I definitely cannot afford right now.

How I named my blog BeautyGrin: You know that feeling when you find a new beauty product you absolutely love and can't get enough of or you stumble upon a beauty review of that product and get obsessed with it and you finally buy it and walk away from that counter after purchasing it. You have that unique smile of finally having it and being the sole owner of it. Well that my friends, is a BeautyGrin for me!

I learn so much each day from blogging and I am constantly finding new ways to better my blog in each and every which way possible.

Beauty Profile:

Skin Color: Wheatish/ Yellow Undertones

Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Wavy, Oily Scalp

Brands I have worked/collaborated with so far:

Jabong.com, Limeroad.com, Oriflame, IndiaRush

Social Mentions:

Got featured on Maybelline's Facebook page

Also got featured on their Instaglam page. Here

I was the "Reviewer Of The Month" in the month of July 2017 on Glamrada. Read full article HERE

Registered Blogger on


IndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger Community 

 and BlogAdda


TV Shows:

New Girl, Prison Break, Sherlock, HIMYM, The Vampire Diaries, The Mindy Project, The OA, Black Mirror

Activities: Swimming, Nail Art, finding new ways to style my hair, Make-up(quite obviously), Reading, Dancing and reading reviews!

Colors: White, Red, Sea-foam green/mint, Pastels

Food: Pizza, Mushrooms, Cheese, Chocolate cakes, Ice-creams and Snickers....(I should stop now! :P)

Make-up Brands: Maybelline, Loreal Paris, Makeup Revolution

Read: Motivational/Inspirational/Self-help books (do recommend me your favs in the comment section) and crime thrillers.

Authors: Robin Sharma, Amish Tripathi

Inspirational Public Figures: Michelle Obama, Beyonce

I'll keep adding to this page as and when I remember or notice things about me.

Every girl has her own beauty tricks and enjoys learning new tips from others. This is my beauty journey and you are all welcome to join.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find it helpful.

All my social media links:

Facebook: Beauty Grin Blog
Instagram : beauty.grin (forever obsessed with Instagram)
Pinterest: BeautyGrin
Twitter: BeautyGrin
Roposo: beautygrin

If you have any queries or questions, write to me at queriesfordivya@gmail.com

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