Review: Nivea Aqua Effect Toner for Normal Skin: Review, Price and Ingredients list

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If you have oily skin or you're skin becomes oily in humid environment like me, then you got to use a toner.

Review: Nivea Aqua Effect Toner for Normal Skin: Review, Price and Ingredient list

A toner is the second step of the CTM routine ( Cleansing- Toning - Moisturizing/Hydrating). 

Lets start with the review

What Nivea Claims:

Tones skin and tightens pores 

Removes residues while hydrating skin to support its natural moisture balance 

Invigorates the skin thanks to its refreshing formula 

Leaves skin looking healthy and beautiful

Dermatologist tested

How to use:After cleansing, apply to face and neck with a cotton pad.
Warning: Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Cost: 149 INR for 125ml

Ingredients List:
Nivea Aqua Effect toner: Ingredients List

My Review: This summer my skin has become oilier than ever. I was in search for a toner when I stumbled upon this a few week ago. My skin is combination type and is oily in summers. I also have a lot of open pores, so I got to take care of these things.
I take a little amount of this on a cotton ball and dab it on my face. What I love about this toner, is that it is not harsh unlike some others I have used and absorbs just enough amount of oil. It definitely feels hydrating and tones the skin well. 

It has a light musky smell. It doesn't show any foam or feel stingy on my skin. The toner as mentioned is for people with Normal skin. So if you are on the oilier side, it may not work as effectively. Overall, a good toner from Nivea.

Tones nicely

Non- drying

Availability might be an issue. You can buy it online though.
Contains Parabens
My Rating:4/5
Conclusion: A decent product from Nivea, which removes excess oil and provides hydration.

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