March 2017 Fabbag Review | Sugar Cosmetics, Ayorma, Palmer's, Seduction Las Vegas, Iba Halal, Moha

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March 2017 Fabbag Review 
I have previously tried the Fabbag just once and I thought that they were a decent buy. I had only one month subscription but this time I took the 3 month subscription plan which means I will be getting the Fabbag for March, April and May. The 3 month subscription cost me INR 1599 with some discount. I ordered this month's (March) Fabbag on 12th March and I got it delivered on 25th. I wish they delivered earlier but mine took a lot of time.

Lets see what all I got in my March 2017 Fabbag.

My Review: The Fabbag pouch comes in a Fabbag cardboard box. This months pouch is brown colored criss-cross design. I am not a fan of this color so I didn't like this much. This month I got 6 products in total. 

March 2017 Fabbag Review | Sugar Cosmetics, Ayorma, Palmer's, Seduction Las Vegas, Iba Halal, Moha

1. Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick 13- Sleepink Pink : Got this full sized and retails for INR180. I got the option for selecting the shade I wanted. I chose this one because they described this as a dusty pink shade, but it actually is a pink toned red. 

March 2017 Fabbag Review | Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick in Sleepink Beauty

2. SUGAR Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer - 022 Silver Screen : Also got this at full size and it retails for INR 299. It is a silver metallic nail paint.

March 2017 Fabbag Review | Sugar Tic Tac Toe Nail Laquer in 022 Silver Screen

3. Plamer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil : (Full size-INR450) I got this at a sample sized of 15ml and it comes in a roll on bottle. I am most excited to try this out as it claims to clear acne scars,stretch marks etc.

March 2017 Fabbag Review | Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil

4. Moha Herbal Shower Gel : (Full size - INR 105 for 100ml) I received a 30 ml sample bottle of this shower gel. The bottle is only half filled at that. I am not happy with the quantity. Also it smells terrible and I might just not use this in the 1st place.

March 2017 Fabbag Review | Moha Herbal Shower Gel

5. Ayorma SPF 40 Sun Block : (Full size- INR 349 for 50 ml) I received a sample size of this product and as it is a herbal product it smell like it. I am not a fan of the smell. It dries matte and absorbs quicky too. 

March 2017 Fabbag Review | Ayorma SFP 40 Sunscreen

6. Iba Halal Care Nourishing Foot Massage Cream : Received this at full size as well and retails for about INR 95. This smells like jasmine flowers and I kind of like it.

March 2017 Fabbag Review | Iba Halal Foot Massage Cream

So that was all I received in my March 2017 Fabbag. I will do a review of most of the products I received in this bag.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and let me know which of these products you liked.

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