When Huda Beauty launched on Nykaa and how I lost my mind!

I give 100% props to Nykaa for teasing us over more than a month about Huda Beauty launching on Nykaa. No more buying from Instagram stores and being unsure of the makeup quality. No more customs charges. No hassle. Nothing. Just order it online and it will be at your doorsteps.

Nykaa first teased us in their story by actually visiting Huda Kattan in her office in Dubai, so there was no going back from there. I thought, finally I can buy her liquid lipstick and eyeshadow palette which I see on Instagram every 2 minutes!!!

But nothing comes without patience. From the moment they announced the launch, I knew I had to save. So no more new launches, no more sales! Uggh the perils of being a makeup addict! I let go so many new launches. The Wet n Wild launch, the Nykaa Highlighters, The Nykaa Glitter polishes, the MaybellineXGigi collection and many other things on sale which were disappearing from my cart since they were getting out of stock! My patience was running out when Nykaa finally announced the date 19.01.2018. Just to tell you about how bad I am with dates, I confused my upcoming CMAT dates which fall on 20th and kept thinking it is on 21st. But I did not, not even for a second forget the Huda Beauty launch date.

I have never been this excited about any product. I used to cringe when I saw news of how people were lining up days in advance outside Apple stores to be the 1st ones to buy it. But I now understand them and their excitement. I was so excited that I literally had a dream of purchasing the liquid lipstick online!

Anywho I someway calmed myself and prepared for the D-day. Usually, whenever Nykaa launches something new, they make it live in the morning around 9 AM. How do I know this little info? I visit that website every day like my life depends on it!! But this time I saw Nykaa's feed at 5 AM and saw that people have already placed their order. I calmly but immediately opened my laptop and YES! It was live. The products were online. I placed my order of Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. I got a free liquid lipstick on purchase. I paid the amount and smiled like a queen!

Welcome home !!!

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
Also, this order arrived within 24hours of placing the order and I have been staring at this baby since then. I will keep staring at this for a couple of days more before I get to swatching and creating makeup looks.

Buy it here : Nykaa

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