How to remove Mascara the right way: Do's And Don'ts

So we all love mascara. They instantly highlight our eyes and add a dash of gorgeousness to our looks. If i had a choice between an eyeliner, kajal or mascara; I would always pick mascara!! Always!!
But when it comes to removing a mascara, not many follow the proper way to remove it. And when it comes to a waterproof one, it is a wee bit harder to remove it. Today, I am sharing my tips on how to remove a mascara the proper way.


For Non - Waterproof/Water - Resistent mascara: This one is the easiest one.

Step 1: Spash water on your lashes. Most of the mascara would removed at this step.

Step 2: If some of the mascara is still left, use a clean soft brush/concealer brush lightly through the lashes and wash again.

For Waterproof mascara: Now this takes some work.

Step 1: Close your eyes and take few drops of baby oil and apply it on your lashes. Wait for a few seconds to let the oil soak into the mascara.
With your eyes still close, take your ring finger and start removing the mascara. Make sure you remove it in the direction of the growth of your lashes.

Step 2: Open your eyes and remove mascara on the inside of your the upper lashes in upward direction(as you would apply a mascara).
Steps to remove Non- Waterproof Mascara

Step 3: Remove mascara from your lower lashes with the cotton ball.

Step 4:  Now take a fresh cotton ball and remove the leftover mascara on your eyes.
Wash your face and voila you are done!

You can use olive oil or cleansing milk to remove mascara. But baby oil works perfect for me!


1. Don't rub your eyes horizontally while removing your mascara.

2. Never EVER EVER sleep with your mascara ON. I once did that and woke up with both my upper and lower lashes stuck to each other!!! Lost a lot of lashes!!!

3. Mascara's tend to dry faster, so avoid using a dried up mascara. It will form many clumps and will be hard to remove.

4. If you wear contact lens, do make sure to use mascara which doesn't irritate your eyes.

5. Adding lots of coats of mascara is tempting, but try to do 1-2 coats otherwise lashes get stiff and fall off while removing.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any more questions, comment below!

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