Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise: Review, Swatch, Price, Online Buy and EOTD

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Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise: Review, Swatch, Price and EOTD

Today I am reviewing the much hyped product from my favorite brand Maybelline. Colored kohls are a rage right now with different brands releasing lot of different colors at different price range. Maybelline came with a Turquoise one. This product is a hot seller right now. On its first week of launch, it was SOLD OUT. I came after 2-3 weeks again to purchase this.Lets see how it fared.

What Maybelline claims:


First of its kind in India with 2 in 1 benefits of a Kohl and Eyeliner

  • Go all out with glamorous eyes in the most exciting Colossal Kohl – Turquoise which LINES like a Kohl and DEFINES like a liner. Turquoise kohl is a refreshing twist on the conventional black kohl and a must have fashion and beauty accessory.
  • Here’s why you’ll love it:
  • · Provides 12 Hours of smudge-free turquoise intensity
  • · Color doesn’t smudge or fade
  • · Enriched with nourishing ingredients and Vitamin E to soothe the eye
  • · Features a unique tip that glides smoothly for even application
  • · 100% suitable for your eyes
Cost: 249 INR for 0.35g

My Review: The packaging of this kohl is same as the Colossal Kajal with the labeling of its color Turquoise. The kohl pen is retractable and the tip is thin, so no wastage of product in sharpening. The pen though should definitely be handled with care otherwise it can break if applied too much pressure or if it falls on the floor. Thus although you can carry it, I recommend you don't.

Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise: Review, Swatch, Price and EOTD

The color is Turquoise as mentioned with fine glitters in it. One swipe is enough to show the color. The texture of this is creamy and can be layered to give a more opaque effect. It is pigmented enough to show up in camera. On application it doesn't water my eyes.

Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise: Swatch

The staying power definitely lasts for 12 hours without any base and doesn't smudge. With a base it will definitely last longer. It lasts for 12+ hours on my eyes as a liner but in my waterline it does smudge. This doesn't come off with soap. This can only be removed with a makeup remover or baby oil.

Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise: EOTD

I love that they chose such a unique shade with micro glitters in it. It is just perfect for Indian women. This can be applied as a shadow base, liner, kohl, cat-eyeliner or can be smudged to give a smokey blue effect. For a 249 INR price tag, it is priced not too cheap or too expensive. It is priced just enough to tempt you to buy it.

Yet another impressive product from Maybelline, I recommend this to every girl.

Unique Turquoise shade
Suitable for Indian women
Long lasting
Retractable pen
Doesn't irritate eyes

Doesn't last long on the waterline
Pencil is fragile

My Rating:4.5/5

Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise: EOTD

Conclusion: An impressive product from Maybelline, Turquoise Kohl is the product to buy it you haven't bought it already!

You can buy this online at Nykaa

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