Huge Accesories Haul!!! : Westside, Lifestyle, Colaba Causeway, Makeup Organizer, Price and Where to buy

Hie girls!!

Huge Accesories Haul!!!

I shopped A LOTT in my birthday month (May) and I kept buying accessories on all my shopping trips. I thought of making this in May itself but the accessories kept adding. So I have included all the accessories I bought on all my shopping trips in one post!

Huge Accesories Haul!!!

A lot of these are from Westside and Lifestyle but I also got a few accessories from Colaba Causeway. This is a picture heavy post. So enjoy the pics.

I bought :

From Westside:

Huge Accesories Haul!!! : Westside

Elastic Statement Hair Bands Set (Metal cuff one) : 199 INR

Elastic Statement Hair Bands Set (Bow one's) : 199 INR

Hair Pins Set : 159 INR

From Lifestyle:
Coin Purse

Pink Polka Dotted Coin Purse: 199 INR

Yellow Mobile Case
Yellow Mobile Case: 199 INR

Huge Accesories Haul!!!
Vanity Bag: 299 INR

From Colaba Causeway:
Metal Flower Statement Headband

Headband and Ear-cuffs

Seriously how cute is the Headband!!
Statement Metal Head Band : 150 INR 

Statement Ear- Cuffs 

Statement Ear- Cuffs ( Both star and butterfly one) : around 200-300 INR

Makeup - Organizer: This is a plastic one and I got it for around 200. I got it from a shop where they sell all plastic stuff near Ghatkopar station. I also bought 2 big clear plastic boxes (not pictured) to store my clothes. They fit perfectly in my closet and hence I'll buy a few more soon. Lastly, I bought a narrow clear plastic box to store my nail paints.

Makeup and Accessories Organizer

So if you are looking for makeup/accessories organizer for less cost, you can check such shops. The storage cabinets or boxes available in malls are very expensive and offer less choices.

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