5 Life-Changing Tip on How to Fix Hairfall and have Amazing Hair for Women

I had been suffering from hair-fall since June last year. I have oily scalp with dandruff and I have never colored my hair with chemicals except hair dyes to cover few grey hair that I have. So these are the remedies which have helped me immensely. Hope they help you too.

5 Life-Changing Tip on How to Fix Hairfall and have Amazing Hair for Women
1. Visit a doctor : I know that is such an obvious answer but it works. When I had a hair-fall problem, I went to my family Doctor and she suggested a protein powder for me. This really helped me since I could see a massive change in my hair-fall after taking protein powder with milk. Since us girls get period every month, we are always in need of proteins and if you don't consume enough that can lead to hair-fall. Having a tea-spoon of protein powder every few days made such a difference in my hair-fall and it was so easy to inculcate. So visit your doctor or a trichologist as they will be able to find out what exactly is causing the hair-fall.

2. Treat scalp acne : I have acne prone skin and I also had scalp acne. It used to itch a lot and that acne used to be a hella painful. It also used to be painful to part my hair or comb over that area where the acne was. So to treat that, what worked for me was Tea Tree Oil+Coconut Oil = Acne Free Scalp. This mixture was quick to work and I saw results within few times of applying this.

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3. Using Natural Ingredients : We usually rely on store brought shampoos and conditioner to clean and nourish our hair. But they are usually very harsh on our hair and the effects aren't that long lasting. So I have started using Reetha+ Shikakai on my hair and it makes it squeaky clean and shiny.

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How I use Reetha + Shikakai : Soak the Reetha (Soap Nut) and Shikakai in water. Now I boil it a little in water since it is a bit dried up. Let it soak over-night. Now mash both of them in water and squeeze out their liquid from them. Now what you have left is a dark colored liquid. Apply it on your entire scalp and massage it for a few minutes. Keep it on for 30-40 minutes. Cover your hair with a shower cap to make it less messy. Also this mixture stings like hell if it comes in contact with the eyes. So apply it carefully and do not let it fall near your eyes.

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4. Treat Split-ends : I had a lot of split-end and cutting split-ends was my hobby at one point. But I have followed this method and I have seen a great improvement in my hair texture.

a. Stop using heating tools : I have not one but 2 hair-straighteners at home, so it is really tempting to straighten my hair all the time. But I was serious about improving my hair texture and subsequently stopped using any heating tools for over a year. And the result was phenomenal. I had very few split-end after incorporating the following points. Obviously, you can't stop using heating tools entirely, but whenever possible avoid them. My hair is naturally wavy and I like my natural waves much more than a straight hair look.

b. Hair-cut : We all love to experiment with our haircuts. Layers or the step hair-cut are the most sought after hair-styles. But if you have wavy-hair like me those hairstyle make your hair even more wavy and are hard to style/manage. So here is what you can do. Opt for a simple trim every 6 months, so that you split-ends are removed and you don't lose out on the length. If that is too boring for you then, opt for a U-cut. I would not recommend a V-cut, since it takes a lot hair and makes you hair look even more thin. Also, have bangs or flicks if you do not want to cut you hair short but still want a stylish haircut.

c. DIY Hair Mask : I used this mask after my hair-stylist recommended this to me and it has given me amazing results. Often times, what out hair need is hydration instead of moisturization. (Both are different, even I didn't know this earlier )

Hydrating Hair Mask Recipe : 

Mix curd (plain yogurt) + lemon (oil scalp)

Mix curd + Honey (dry scalp)

Apply this mask all over your scalp and hair. Apply an extra layer of curd to the end of your hair. Keep this mask on until it dries and wash it off with a gentle shampoo.

5. Oil your Hair : Last but not the least, oil your hair every week and keep it overnight. Use warm oil like coconut or olive(for dry hair), add in essential oil like tea tree oil or lavender or castor oil and massage your scalp thoroughly.

Hope you found all these tips helpful. And don't forget to leave a comment below it you like this post and also would love to know your suggestions :)

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