April 2017 Favorites : Website, K-drama, Makeup and more

Website : Ajio.com I can't believe I didn't know about this website earlier. I have already ordered a bunch of stuff from this website and will continue to do so. I just love their collection of clothes. They are trendy, affordable and the website is very nicely done. I am obsessed with this one. A lot of the item I wanted to purchase were sold out, but if you are interested do check them out. In the picture below I am wearing one of the outfit that I got from the website. This pic is from my Instagram account : @beautygrinblog . Follow me there!!

Ajio - Bossini Dress
Series: Sensory couple ( The Girl Who Sees Smell) - I know I know Korean dramas have weird names but that is just because it is translated into English. Loved this show and this has a very interesting story-line. It is not a love story out an out but has some good element of suspense to it. Do check it out. It has 16 episodes in total with each episode of 65 minutes.  I love that most of the K-dramas have one season and they are done. No unnecessary dragging of story with multiple seasons. Read more here

13 Reasons Why - This was an interesting one. This tells the story of Hannah and the 13 reasons she killed herself. The story is very engaging. However it is quite depressing and disturbing. So watch it with caution and probably few seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S to make you feel better.
Other season I have been watching currently is Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It is an on-going series, but I have been loving it so far.

Movies: Rocket Singh : I have been wanting to see this movie for so long. Finally saw it on Amazon Prime

Fruit: Watermelon -  I have literally been making watermelon juice all throughout this month. Simply amazing!
Watermelon Juice 
Books: How To Be A Bawse:  It has chapters of 2-3 pages, so it is a quick and easy read. Been loving it so far. I always wanted to know her hustle and how she manages everything. Also there is section 'out of the blue" in her book which shows how her life was before and how it is now. I love that section because it shows how a person's life can change positively just in few years and honestly you will never know where your life may take you.

How to Be A Bawse Lilly Singh
Buy here on Sale : How to Be A Bawse

Makeup - I have been loving the Miss Claire Lip Creams and especially the shade 40. It is a light coral shade. Read full post HERE.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream
So those were my favorites this April! What were yours? Comment below!

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