Top 5 Tips To Make Your Kajal/Kohl Smudge Free

How to make your Kajal/Kohl smudge free? How to make your Kajal stay longer on the waterline? How to stop your Kajal from fading? I have been asked these question so many times on social media, even on Quora that I have to make a full fledged post to fix this issue. 

What is a Kajal/Kohl?

A kajal is a soft black product usually in pencil form used to underliner/waterline eyes. A kohl is even soft in texture and more pigmented. They are used to give your eyes a defined look.

They are not a super magical product which will last you 20 hours or survive a tsunami! Though cosmetic companies by demand of ever complaining women (myself included) have tried to stretch out the Kajal/Kohl to a 10-14 hours staying power. Now that we know our basics, lets move on to the solutions on how to fix this issue.

1. Your skin type : A lot of the women even though their skin maybe dry or normal, have oily eye area and same goes for women with oily/combination skin. I know a girl whose skin was so dry that even the local kajal which comes in green dabbi used to stay on her waterline all day long!!! So if your kajal smudges a lot, you have oily eye area. So lets fix that issue.

2. Type of Kajal/Kohl : I have experienced that certain brands do well in the Kajal department and certain don't. Also if you have a friend who uses a certain brand of kajal and swears by it, that doesn't necessarily means that it will work for you. You have to try out a few, before you can settle on a one. The Maybelline ones used to smudge on me a lot and even the L'oreal one which has Aishwarya's face on it. I found the Lotus Ecostay Kajal and Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil work best for me (I so wish I had a review on the Faces one, but it was always in use. I will buy that soon and update you guys).These come in pencil form, so it is a bit of a pain. But less pain than trying to fix your eyes all the time. I have also seen good review of the Lakme Absolute Kohl Pencil

3. Base makeup : Before you apply the Kajal/Kohl, you need a flawless base. After doing your face makeup, apply concealer under your eyes. Also, don't forget the corner of your eyes. If you are making a winged liner, clean up the wings by brushing the area with a concealer to give it a sharp look and set it.

Kohl/Kajal application : You can now apply the kajal/kohl from the pencil. Make sure to sharpen it. Or you can take an angled brush and apply it. Using a brush gives you much more control on application and there is no excess product build up.

4. Layering : Now apply a dark black eyeshadow over your kajal, to make it stay longer. Ofcourse not on the waterline but the area just below the waterline, if you have applied the Kajal/Kohl there. This step is optional and your don't have to follow it everyday. This will make the Kajal/Kohl intact and it will not budge. 

5. Finishing touch : For everyday look, follow the steps 1,2 and 3 and skip the 4th step. After that, take some compact puff with a bit of the powder and dab it under your eye. This step works like a charm and the Kajal/Kohl stays on for longer.

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So these were my top tips on how to make your kohl/kajal smudge-free. Hope all you women found this helpful! If you have any of your own, comment below. Would love to hear your suggestions

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