5 Beauty Uses of Grapeseed Oil

Why is Grapeseed Oil good for you?

Oils, in general, are known to clog pores when applied on the face but Grapeseed oil is one such oil which doesn't clog your pores.
Grapeseed Oil also contains essential fatty acids like stearic and linoleic acid which are proven to minimize scars and wrinkles.
It is used as a carrier oil because of its lightweight property. It also has anti-bacterial and astringent property to it.

5 Beauty Uses of Grapeseed Oil

5 Beauty Uses of Grapeseed Oil

1. For Flawless Base Makeup: Mix it with your liquid foundation for better blending as well as to give a dewy finish to the skin


This is how the mix of foundation and grapeseed oil looks on me. It doesn't look oily but makes my skin feel nourished.

2. To Treat Acne: Use it as a carrier oil with Tea Tree Oil to treat acne + blemishes. Use this mixture to treat acne. Since Tea Tree Oil shouldn't be applied directly to the skin, grapeseed oil acts as an excellent carrier oil for it. Next day you might see the acne maturing a bit, so use this one on days where you are not going anywhere important.

3. As an affordable Night Serum: Use few drops of  Grapeseed Oil as a night serum for sensitive acne prone skin. I have combination sensitive acne-prone skin and not many moisturizers suit me. But my skin does feel dry on some days. On those days, I take few drops of this oil, warm it up in my palms and pat it on the skin. This has made a significant change in my skin texture. Earlier I used to have a lot of open pores on my face but since this oil has astringent properties, it has helped to shrink my pores.

4. Under eye serum: Use it around the eye area to prevent wrinkles and repair the sensitive skin. This oil is also good to apply around the eye area. I don't have any wrinkles as such but it is light enough to apply when I am staying home or underneath concealer.

5. Prep lips: Use it to prep cracked lips before applying any lipstick especially Liquid lipstick: I do have dry lips and this oil really helps in moisturizing them. Just apply few drops on your lips and wait 2 minutes for it to settle a bit. Then apply the liquid lipstick and you are done!

Bonus Point

6. Tame that frizzy hair: It is good for dry frizzy hair to lock in the moisture. It is lighter than both olive oil and coconut oil and thus doesn't make the hair greasy.

Where to buy Grapeseed Oil :

I have been using Soulflower Grapeseed Oil since a year now. It comes with a spray pump dispenser in a glass bottle. I wish it came with a dropper instead since that is much easier and safe to use. It retails for INR 350 for 30ml.
You can buy Grapeseed Oil online on Amazon, Flipkart or Soulflower website

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