Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Bronze Palette Dupe in India?? Kiss Beauty Eyeshadow?

I bought this dupe palette a while ago. Kylie Cosmetics is probably one of the popular makeup to dupe. Kylie Cosmetics products are duped so much that sometimes the dupe has better packaging than the original Kylie Cosmetics packaging!

Kiss Beauty Eyeshadow Palette (Set 2)
Every makeup obsessed girl dreams to own at least one Kylie Lip kit (myself include) but international brands go through a lot of customs and especially in Mumbai, it is sometimes even double the amount you pay for the said product!

I may in future save up and buy from those Instagram stores but for now, I have too much makeup and a whole lot of products to review before that happens.

If you have never heard about Kiss Beauty products, they make dupes of high-end makeup brands or at least dupes of the said brands.

Cost: Got it at INR 475 on Amazon 

I was not expecting much from these eyeshadows anyway. I thought they will turn out to be chalky or won't blend well. Well, these were even worse than that. They are very powdery and barely show in hand swatches. I tried really hard to make them show up on my lids but no difference.

Kiss Beauty Eyeshadow Palette (Set 2) 

The 4 matte shadows it has are pretty much useless as eyeshadows and don't show up on the lids. The shimmer shades are the same as well.

Kiss Beauty Eyeshadow Palette (Set 2)

But at least they can be used as a highlighting powder. But I won't since I have sensitive skin and don't want to take a risk with this one. 

Kiss Beauty Eyeshadow Palette (Set 2)

If they are to be compared to the original Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette they are not even close even in the shade range. There is only one shimmer shade in the original palette. This palette has 4 shimmer shades which are very powdery.

Quartz was the shade I was expecting a lot from but it doesn't show up on the swatches or on the lids.
Same with Jasper, Citrine and Goldstone in this palette.

Moving on to the shimmer shades in this palette, they have a thin film-like coating on top. Because initially, I could not take any swatches of them otherwise. You can notice how I have scratched the surface of Bronzite to reveal the shadow.

The texture of the shimmer shades is powdery with a bit of waxy-ness to it. Like how if you mixed some colour in your talcum powder. The minute you take them (dare to) on a brush they will get all over your face. Even with patting shadow brush. So best to apply the shimmer shades with fingers or on top of a base cream shadow.

I find it a bit off-putting for my taste. I do not like using this palette

So if you think this is a dupe of Kylie Palette than it definitely is not. 

Now if we look at this as a regular eyeshadow palette, even then it fails terribly since the eyeshadows lack any pigmentation. I do not recommend this palette.

The reason I have so much problem with this palette is that it will make you hate eyeshadows. The matte shadows do not have any pigmentation. So you will require other matte shades as your transition shades. The shimmer shades are very powdery, so to make them work, you need to apply them to a cream eyeshadow base. Also, you would need to do the eye-makeup before doing your base makeup because of so much fall-out. That is just too much work for a palette which is supposed to be a cheaper dupe or just a regular eyeshadow palette for that matter.

Silver lining: The shimmer shade has a strobe-like finish when applied on cheeks. They can be used as a highlight. I do not know how long will the highlight last since I have acne-prone sensitive skin and I not want to experiment. But you don't have that issue, then you can use it. (although I would not recommend)

The only thing that I like about this palette and which is probably the only thing which would attract anyone to buy this is the packaging. It is just like the Orginal Kylie palette and has a mirror. This is probably the worst product of 2017 for me.

Beauty Grin Rating: 1/5

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