Loreal Paris Shine Caresse in Bella :Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties!
Today I am reviewing the Loreal Paris Shine Caresse in Bella.
I ordered it online few weeks ago.This product took me a few days to understand and do a review on it, so read on further to know my thoughts on this product!

Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella

What the site claims:
Now hydration & shine meet lasting, lightweight color. With Shine Caresse, discover a lip gloss that doubles up as a lip stain. This next generation lip colour combines the texture & shine of a gloss with the long-wear ability of a stain. It delivers a lasting colour with a subtle glossy shine.

Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella

Cost: 499 INR
Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella

My Review:
Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella

Packaging: The gloss come in a classy and chic tube. It displays the color of the gloss so it is easy to spot.
The applicator has a flat leaf shape to it and picks just the right amount of product.

Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella

Color: This is the interesting part! Bella looks like a fushia pink in the tube but comes differently on my lips as well as in the swatch. The color on me looks as a watermelon red on light application and as apple red on layering!!! I know I am describing the color in terms of fruits but this is what I came up with after so many days of testing!! This has golden shimmers in this which look quite well on lips.

Pigmentation: The stain is sheer and will not cover pigmentation on the lips.

Texture: The gloss feels watery and cool on application. The fushia pink disappears in a few minutes and turns into shades of light red. The gloss covers the lips like a varnish and doesn't transfer! The gloss feels very drying on my lips on its own and accentuates fine line. On top of a lip balm, it wears quite well and stays on for few hours. So those having dry lips should wear this with a lip balm underneath.

Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella

Staying power: This gloss lasts on me for about 5-6 hours with light snacking. This gloss doesn't stick to the hair as other glosses which is a big relief for me. After that the gloss fades and and leaves the tint. But the tint doesn't leave an even color and looks patchy.

Fuctionality: Now this is a high maintenance product for me.You cannot just apply it on your bare lips and go. You need to prep your lips and apply a lip balm underneath this. Otherwise, this will make your lips even more dry and accentuate it. But once you use a lip balm, it stays for a long time.

Update: I faced the dryness problem in winter. In this hot weather, I can apply it without any prepping and it works wonderfully. It is surprisingly moisturizing in this hot weather.

Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella : Lip Swatch

  • Reddish color
  • Gloss last a long time
  • Doesn't transfer
  • Packaging
  • Moisturizing during summers
  • Doesn't hydrate the lips(during winters) 
  • Tint looks patchy
Loreal Paris Shine Careese in Bella

Bella is a reddish tint which really last a long time as a gloss. This a unique product and doesn't transfer even though it's a gloss. At 499 INR, I think the price is justified as it is a one of a kind product. I recommend to try at least one shade from this range.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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