My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus.

Hie Beautiful!
I agree that whatever knowledge I have about Makeup techniques and application, I owe it to Youtube Beauty Gurus. There is only so much you can learn from reading blogs. But watching a tutorial on any beauty technique is the simplest way to learn it.
The following are my Top 5 Favorite Beauty Gurus that i religiously follow and from whom I have learnt a lot

My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Gurus!

1.Wayne Goss:
A professional makeup artist, his videos are short ,precise and to the point. He teaches more about basic techniques in makeup and tip and tricks to enhance one's look. I learnt the right technique to apply a blush because of him.

Wayne Goss Youtube Link

2. Dulce Candy: I remember the first youtuber I ever followed was hers. She covers almost all the beauty related things in her videos be it makeup looks, hair tutorial, OOTD(outfit of the day), morning routine, room tours etc. She is very regular in uploading videos and also has a blog where she mostly does product reviews and OOTD. I especially love to watch her haul videos, its somehow therapeutic to watch it.

Dulce Candy

3. Jessica Harlow: I love her makeup looks and hair tutorials. She is funny and entertaining. She even makes motivational videos which I really like. Her videos have the perfect setup and lighting.

4. Jermaine: She is the most entertaining and funny youtuber! She does makeup looks, hair tutorials and hauls. She also has many exercise videos and healthy recipes.

Jermaine(JLovesMac1) Youtube Link

5. Michelle Phan: I know I am writing her last, its because I discovered her very late. I mainly watch her videos for the awesome editing and neatness of her videos. Each of her videos are no less than a professional advertisement quality. Her videos are neat and organised! She has over 5 million subscribers!!!

Michelle Phan Youtube Link

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So who are your Favorite Beauty Gurus??
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  1. Wow..dats a lot of stuff i didnt know..n gives d right direction to anyone who wants to knw mre abt makeup looks..thanks..

    1. yeah sort of. These are among the best beauty vloggers on Youtube!


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