My MNY Diary! Thank You Maybelline!

Hello Ladies!
I am so happy today!!!

I was watching CID on TV with my family when the door bell rang. There was a package for me! Since all my family was in CID mode, my mom jokingly said that there must be a bomb in it! LOL.

MNY Diary

So I opened it and saw MY NEW MNY DIARY!!
So a few days ago, I had participated in a contest by Maybelline and I was among the winners. The winners would get the MNY diary. I was so happy when I won since I am obsessed with anything stationary related! I even used to decorate my diaries with decorative stuffs few years ago. But I wont be doing that to the cute diary here, since it looks awesome just as is!

MNY Diary

There are short facts about how they came about these beautiful products and how they have evolved since 100 years from their establishment!

MNY Diary

It also came with a pen which reminds us of the collosal kajal and mascara!
This is the second free goodie I got after the Maybelline Clutch .

I won this from my personal instagram account.
MNY Diary

All in all, am a happy girl!!!

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