DIY: Nail Rings Organizer ( Step by step tutorial)

Hello Girls!
Today I am doing a DIY project!

How many times do we get fully dressed up and arrive at our destination only to realize that necklace we brought last summer or the earrings your bestie gave you, we had forgotten to wear??

DIY: Nail Rings Organizer ( Step by step tutorial)

It is important to display what ever item you have otherwise you'll forget about them or go buy another one just because you thought you lost it!!

I did this nail organizer in flat 10 minutes! It doesn't need anything fancy and can be made with simple stuff we have around our house. So lets get started!

Things You'll Need:

  1. A Scissor
  2. Some flat sponge
  3. A shallow tray or box
  4. Nail Rings
Steps to follow:
  1. Gather the materials needed.
  2. Take the flat sponge.
  3. Trace the flat sponge into the container to gauge its side. Or you can trace it onto the container and cut the sponge by tracing the lining on the sponge.
  4. Cut the sponge so as to fit it into the tray perfectly.
  5. Once cut, fold the pieces in half and cut a slit though the sponge. Make as many as the area your rings can take.
  6. Put the sponge in the container and place your rings in them neatly!
  7. You Nail Organizer is ready!
  8. Now place it near your dressing table!You can even use an old ice tray for this!

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